About Every Day Fine Art

Dave Etheridge runs Abend Gallery in Denver, Colorado. Marc Scheff runs Every Day Original out of Brooklyn, New York. With their powers combined, they are proud to launch Every Day Fine Art, the latest in the Every Day brand of galleries.

Pre-COVID, Dave and Marc wanted to create a way for more people to have access to great works of art, and more ways for artists to reach new audiences. Built on the Every Day model, the gallery showcases one new work of art and artist every day.

Post-COVID, the project became even more relevant, removing the constraints of a brick and mortar gallery.

We’re thrilled at the quality of the roster. You’ll find some small affordable works from well-established artists, and more from new artists we found whose work is ready to emerge.

We wanted to do X

– Dave Etheridge, Owner Abend Gallery / Gallery 1261
Marc Scheff - Owner, Every Day Fine Art

We also wanted to do Y

– Marc Scheff, Owner Every Day Original Gallery

Located in Denver, CO since 1990, Abend Gallery offers an extensive collection of fine art from fresh, contemporary works to traditional, representational painting by local, national, and internationally recognized artists.

Originating from Brooklyn, NY, Every Day Original has always existed solely online and features unique affordable works for the everyday collector.

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